ICP is a 501c3 non-profit organization, composed of believers of all orthodox Christian traditions. Contributing to the Institute makes our activities possible and makes you a part of this important initiative.

Local Activities

  • Sponsoring educational, training, spiritual, and worship events in the Louisville area that promote Christian psychology
  • Providing a network for local churches, pastors and ministers, counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists

Please consider helping the Institute for Christian Psychology by financially supporting our work. 


Regional & National Activities

  • Grant-writing
  • Facilitating distinctly Christian psychology research
  • Education and training in Christian counseling, psychology, pastoral theology, cultural studies, including sometimes offering CEU's
  • Collaborating with other Christian organizations
  • Contributing to professional associations, like the American Psychological Association

International Activities

  • Networking with other Christian psychology organizations across the globe, like the European Movement of Christian Anthropology, Psychology, and Psychotherapy (www.emcapp.eu)
  • Close collaboration with the Society for Christian Psychology (www.Christianpsych.org)