ICP offers multiple trainings throughout the year to further equip you for your ministry or practice. We have offered subjects like sexual sin and narcissism, and we have more to come! Check out our events page for what’s next.


Being a soul-care provider often means pouring yourself out for those you serve, leaving little time or energy to fill yourself back up. ICP offers routine sessions to you thriving on a personal and professional level. Check out our events page for upcoming group sessions, or fill out the form below to schedule a one-on-one rejuvenation session.

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Certification : CCSCP

Though multiple forms of mental health licensure and certification exist, a specialization in Christian psychology has yet to be formed. Those desiring to demonstrate competency and training in Christian psychology have few options in the current marketplace. This certificate will provide credibility and marketability to mental health professionals and pastors who desire to practice within a Christian worldview. The Certified Christian Soul Care Provider (CCSCP) program will also provide a searchable network of providers who are not only competent in psychological techniques, but who have been trained to work within a theologically sound framework.

Our goal is to certify providers through three avenues, with each representing a development in the certification process. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Dr. Timothy Sisemore at