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Working With Affect Phobia

  • Sojourn East 2501 Rudy Lane Louisville, KY, 40207 United States (map)

We are excited to have Dr. Johnson offer a 4 Part training on Affect Phobia: May 12 Introduction to Christian Affect Phobia Therapy, May 19 Working with Emotions, May 26 Working with Relationship, and June 2nd Working with Defenses. Each workshop with last for 3 hours from 9:00am to 12:00pm for a total of 12 hours.

Most people actively avoid negative emotions—anxiety, sadness, anger, shame. It’s understandable, because they’re unpleasant. But there are reasons why we have these emotions, and we can only avoid them for so long. Counselors and pastors need to know how to help people become more aware of their emotions, learn how to regulate them, and use them in productive ways. Leigh McCullough has developed an evidence-based model for addressing what she calls “affect phobia:” the chronic fear of one’s emotions. Eric Johnson has built a Christ-centered model on McCullough’s framework, that uses the counseling relationship to help people learn how to work through their emotions and challenge their defenses in relation to God and others.

This training while based on a Masters level course taught by Dr. Johnson, the application and benefit of this training helpful for those providing care at professional, pastoral and lay counseling levels. Each training event will cost $75 per person, with a student discounted cost of $35. Or purchase a pass for all 4 workshops and save a bit.

Workshop Admission