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Affect Phobia :: coming soon

This course is a condensed version of a two semester course that Dr. Eric Johnson has been teaching for 15 years. During class time, there would be an hour of lecture/content and then practice the content with one another as small groups. This condensed version does not have the practice time. If you are interested in doing this with your group, please contact us and we will help you figure out a format that meets your needs.

Emotions can be controversial in the Christian community. Many people have been taught that their emotions are not the most important thing, God and his word is, and we agree! We absolutely should be teaching that the highest priority for spiritual formation and forming our values system is scripture and what God has to say. But that’s discipleship 101. Once we get grounded in these fundamental principles of the Christian life, it is good to ask the question, “Why did God give us emotions?”

Upon reflection, emotions are a vital part of the Christian faith, or as Jonathan Edwards calls it, the affections. There should be an emotional response to the beliefs that we hold. Our theology ought to resonate in our heart and spill over into joy, and worship. But we also have hard emotions that can get in our way of worshipping God.

Take this online course to gain tools for yourself, as well as equip yourself for leading others, in this confusing and rarely addressed topic of God, emotions, and our human experience.

Class One: overview - $75

Class Two: emotions - $75

Class Three: relationships - $75

Class Four: defenses - $50